Kimberly Givens


Kimberly (Kim) Givens is the owner of Soultry Scissors. She has trained her staff to be professional and passionate about caring about the client’s needs. She is one of the Nation’s Top Colorists. She specializes in hair prosthesis, professional image consulting, SOULTRY (sultry) haircuts, natural hair care treatments and chemical processing. She can also customize your foundation with Motives Make-up line. Kim is excited about keeping you beautiful. For that professional client, keeping you vibrant and marketable.

Sameerah (Sam) Johnson


Sameerah (Sam) Johnson has been with Soultry Scissors since 2008. She specializes in color and sexy haircuts, chemical processing and natural hair care treatments. She also specializes in hair prosthesis with different techniques to enhance ones beauty. Passion is an understatement.

Rameena Barksdale


Rameena has been with Soultry Scissors since 2010. She specializes in hair prosthesis, edgy cuts, lock maintenance styles, color and chemical processing and Natural hair care treatments. She also specializes in The Brazilian Blow Out system. She is excited about life and loves making women look fabulous.

Mumtahanah Jackson

Senior Stylist/ Colorist/ Certified Extensionist

Mumtahanah is a senior stylist, colorist, and certified extensionist who has been working in the industry for over 10 years, and has been a part of the Soultry Scissors family for the past two years. She specializes in precision and freestyle haircuts, haircolor, and a variety of highlighting and color accent techniques. Her main focus is to assist her clients in achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy hair. Her priority is listening to her clients and making sure she understands their needs. She enjoys educating her clients about their hair, hair care products, and tools. Mumtahanah is an Indique Academy certified extensionist, and an Indique Partner Stylist. She is a skilled extensionist and offers several techniques to install your weft or extensions. With her great attention to detail, she ensures that your finished look is polished and natural-looking. To provide her clients with the most current and up-to-date looks, Mumtahanah attends regular classes and webinars.

Velma Williams


Velma Williams is a growing stylist that specializes in natural hair care treatments, loc maintenance, relaxer application, blow out styles, sets and specializes in hair prosthesis. She is passionate about her growth and satisfying the clients needs.

Debra Bailey

Makeup Artist/Stylist/Management

Debra Bailey has worked at Soultry Scissors Hair Studio since 2009 managing, styling, and doing makeup. Her impressive body of work includes personal styling for Mona Scott Young the Executive Producer of Reality Television show LOVE & HIP HOP, models & celebrity types. Debra transfers that level of professionalism and glamour to her clients at the shop as a firm believer that women should never be afraid to stand out in a crowd and let their beauty shine.

Natauya Humphrey

Hair Stylist

Natauya is the newest addition to the Soultry Scissors styling family. She is an exceptional hair stylist who is excited to give you a complete makeover. Natauya loves color, sew-in weave apps and natural hairstyles.

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